Eyeglasses Anti-fog Cleaner


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Eyeglasses Anti-fog Cleaner Difference before and after

  • The high-tech formula can effectively clean and dry quickly without leaving streaks or residues. It can easily clean everything on the phone, glasses, screen, or other surfaces.
  • It is suitable for all glass surfaces and can be safely used for coated lenses. It is ideal for most applications. The wipes are large enough to hold a large screen.
  • These wipes are individually packaged and you can easily carry some items with you in the bag, so you can easily wear the lens or equipment on the go.
  • Whether it is glass, plastic, or polycarbonate, our lens cleaning wipes can be used to clean all types of anti-reflective coating goggles and lenses.

WidAy Store Fog Out Eyeglasses Anti-fog Cleaner difference

Eyeglasses Anti-fog Cleaner Difference before and after


The direction of use-select one or more, tear off and open the wet paper towel, and gently brush off the dust with a folded paper towel. Unfold the cloth and gently clean the surface in circular motions until the surface is clean and dry.

Sunglasses Clean your vision Eyeglasses Anti-fog Cleaner

Note: Do not wash the anti-fog lens cloth, please put it out of the reach of children, wash your hands after use.

Package Included:

1 pcs anti-fog glasses cloth


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